All sorts of super feedback from 2014, thank you!

RIGHT-1As the sun sets on our first summer we would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who came on Beach Schools sessions this year and who gave us such wonderful feedback.

We have all had an amazing time and are really looking forward to next year.

We’re also honoured to be winners of the Venus Awards Devon 2014 for Green Business and finalists in two other prestigious awards ceremonies for the work we do to benefit children, teach them about the world around them, encourage marine environmental responsibility and hopefully to help to create the conservationists of the future.

Our vision is to give every child in the Westcountry (and beyond) access to learning in nature’s finest classroom and to continue to do what we do best: teach on the beach.

Thank you for helping us to stimulate the next generation. Warm wishes, the Beach Schools Team.

All the things they said:

All sorts of super feedback from 2014, thank you!



* “We scavanged and made sailboats and did rockpooling building the shelters were our favourite activities,” pupil.

* “Watching the students work out how to come together as a team to achieve a goal was the most enjoyable part of my day,” teacher.

* “All of the activities were engaging,” teacher.

* “I learned fire safety and putting a stone ring down which was great,” pupil.

* “All the students were very positive about their day, there was nothing Beach Schools could have done better,” teacher.

* “Overall it was a really good day with lots of experieces for the students that they wouldn’t have a chance to do with their families. Some said they have never been to the beach. The whole day was engaging, for all of the students, for all of the day,” teacher.

* “The students loved the marshmallows at the end of the session and shelter building and eating their lunch iin them,” teacher.

* “The chance to have someone knowledgeable to take them throught things sparked lots of interest,” teacher.

* “They had a really lovely day, the practitioner managed to get them all involved in beach activities and they were very happy children making houses and rafts, cooking, rockpooling and raft racing,” a grandma.

* “A happy day all round, just what I hoped for,” parent of children ages 3-12.

* “We enjoyed the rockpooling and firelighting the best,” pupils aged 8 – 12.

* “We learned in particular that there is more wildlife on the beach than we realised,” pupils aged 8 – 12.

* “Finding a giant crab was the highlight of the day,” pupil aged 9.

* “The beach was fun because we got to do loads of different activities,” pupil aged 13.

* “They were VERY nice marshmallows, I really liked marshmallows the best,” pupil aged 14.

* “I really liked the beach because we were building dens,” pupil aged 10.

* “It was fun to be out of school for the day and in the sun, it was a good way to learn, everyone was happy,” pupil aged 12.

* “We enjoyed all the activites, especially making a bottle holder with a rope, and marshmallow biscuits,” pupil aged 13.

* “We have fun learning how to make water if you have none and how to survive when you are stranded on a desert island,” pupil aged 11.

* “It was great making a giant den and learning how to be safe on the beach,” pupil aged 14.