by Emma Jane Kirby – BBC Radio 4 PM programme

At Ness beach in Shaldon, Devon, a class of pupils from the local primary school are building shelters.

“I’m pretty sure,” says eight-year-old Adam, tapping a tarpaulin roof with his spade, “that if we got stranded on an island overnight, we wouldn’t have a problem surviving – although I think I’d like an axe.”

His face is peppered with sand and the dank, snivelling sky has left his sweatshirt decidedly damp and clammy.

“This is just the best day ever,” he yells as he wheels round and dashes off to look at the razor clam shells that his classmate Mabel has just put in the bucket.

Welcome to Beach School on Ness beach near Teignmouth with Shaldon Primary’s Year 4.

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