Our passionate team of practitioners believe that the beach is one of the best learning environments on the planet.

And it’s not just us – research backs us up! It’s widely recognised in education that outdoor learning is one of the most exciting ways of engaging children in long-term learning and achieving positive outcomes.

We offer schools – and families – beach school opportunities on a short or long term basis. It can become timetabled into your school’s educational programme. Or it can just be a one-off half day in the holidays.

All of our teaching ties in with the national curriculum and Outdoor Environment Best Practice as recommended by OFSTED.

At a time when the government is actively encouraging learning outside the classroom, Beach Schools offer a wonderful opportunity in an outstanding environment to all schools and children.


Us in Action – whatever the weather!

The pictures here are from lovely days at Beach Schools South West where the children were learning, without realising it, while having bags of fun.

Included in that were health and safety in a coastal setting, tidal forecasts, lunar cycles, the effects of seasons, shelter building, fire lighting, ecology, geomorphology, beach management and conservation, coastal flora and fauna, practical skills and the ethos of Beach Schools.

The children also learned the importance of having an emergency shelter, applying common sense and of having a big bag of marshmallows on hand if you ever encounter a camp fire.


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“Learning outside of the classroom and connecting with the local environment greatly benefits children’s learning and complements the work that they do in school. Research carried out by ourselves and partners in the south west currently is adding to the mounting evidence of the health and well-being benefits of engaging with the marine environment. From reducing stress and improving concentration to helping children with ADHD and other learning difficulties, there are potentially no limits to the power of a prescription of “a bit of sea time”.
“Beach Schools children will be our coastline’s biggest advocates and protectors in the future, they will be passionate and not only that will seek out this wonderful place of wildness to seek their solace and to sooth their own souls and spirits as they will be able to recreate fond memories of well-being and relationship and affection.” Sarah Blackwell, Archimedes Training

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