Frequently Asked Questions


We know that you will have plenty of questions but in order to try to help you here are some answers to frequently-asked ones about a Beach Schools day:

How long does a session last?

We can do half-days or full days on the beach although we recommend to schools a four or five hour session that can fit in with the school day.

What will we get in a session?

Our sessions comprise maths, geology, geography, arts, nature, team building, den making, art, fire building and all sorts of other curriculum-based subjects while having fun and role-playing in the natural environment. Teachers can liaise with us and we can come up with a fun, innovative, exciting, imaginative session to help your pupils engage with learning while outdoors.

How do we get there?

We can help advise on local transport suppliers getting to your local beach but it rather depends on where you want to go. Many schools have their own mini busses and all the beaches that we use are road accessible with shoreside parking, loos, hand washing facilities and food outlets. Almost all have lifeguards who we work closely with.

Are you insured?

Yes we are. Beach Schools South West has public liability insurance which covers you once you are on the beach. In addition to that our DBS checked practitioners have personal insurance of their own.

Risk assessments and lesson plans?

We do the risk assessments as standard and will do the lesson plans in collaboration with teachers if requested.

Adverse weather?

We ask that you dress appropriately for the day but we also have extra wet weather gear and an emergency shelter if it gets really bad. We won’t go out on absolutely filthy days but sunshine and showers is still a go-ahead scenario for the Beach Schools team.

We hope this helps…

Any other questions please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone, or email us, we’re here and always happy to help and can send you more information if you would like.

Warmest wishes, The Beach Schools South West Team.


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“Learning outside of the classroom and connecting with the local environment greatly benefits children’s learning and complements the work that they do in school. Research carried out by ourselves and partners in the south west currently is adding to the mounting evidence of the health and well-being benefits of engaging with the marine environment. From reducing stress and improving concentration to helping children with ADHD and other learning difficulties, there are potentially no limits to the power of a prescription of “a bit of sea time”.
“Beach Schools children will be our coastline’s biggest advocates and protectors in the future, they will be passionate and not only that will seek out this wonderful place of wildness to seek their solace and to sooth their own souls and spirits as they will be able to recreate fond memories of well-being and relationship and affection.” Sarah Blackwell, Archimedes Training

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